Pep in Your Step



20170223_090426It’s in our nature to be creatures of habit and routine. Day-in and day-out we go through the motions in a somewhat mindless manner in our personal, professional, spiritual, etc. aspects of our life. I know I am guilty of this.

For example, since having my littlest nugget I have set out on a fitness journey. I was doing the same exercises and eating the same foods that I was before I was pregnant. But, I was gaining weight and didn’t know the cause. Something had to be wrong! Well, I spoke with my doctor and my trainer (my dad J ) and they were asking me about my diet and protein intake. Then suggested I journal my daily intake. I’m not going to lie, I was thinking to myself “I eat clean and workout 7 days a week, it has to be something medical.” Begrudgingly, I started my fitness pal tracked every little thing. Next, my dad suggested a different protein shake, so I switched it up.   Would you believe, I lost almost 20 pounds! Now mind you, most of that weight was bloat. But it turns out the protein I was using and the way I was consuming it caused immense amount of water retention.   Now I am back on track and keep evaluating and tweaking my food intake and exercise routine.

Another stale routine in my life was my moming. Every week I took my kids to the same places, did the same activities, and ate the same soggy peas. One morning, on a whim, I decided to go to a different park take my little nuggets to lunch. Can you believe it? Go to out lunch? As a penny-pinching mom who normally packs peanut butter and jelly, I felt like I was playing hooky. I must confess, it was very liberating and added pep to my step. My little nugget was so happy and we made some very special memories. Not to mention, after our “venture” my nugget took a two-hour nap. Win/win!

I’ve learned a lot from these little changes, even a humility.  Sometimes you need to ask for advice and utilize the wisdom of others. Remember to always embrace the day and be grateful for the little moments. Every day is a new chance to try something and push yourself outside of you comfort zone. Maybe it’s wearing a new lipstick shade, but these little changes can make a world of difference. Also, don’t forget to turn off the autopilot, because you miss out on the beauty around you.  Sometimes you need to take a step back and reevaluate your different daily routines, because you never know how one simple change may change your life.


Samantha Jo

P.S.  What are some little changes you’ve made that have been liberating?



One thought on “Pep in Your Step

  1. love this post!! it is so easy to get stuck in a rut of a routine. My future hubby and I got into a habit of coming home after work and immediately jumping into cleaning, running errands, etc… We realized we never had that moment to really connect. So now, we do our best to either immediately sit down on the couch (no electronics!!) and talk about anything- just connect for 15 minutes or so. It made such a difference in our relationship. We both feel more supported and in tune with another thanks to this little moment. But we also don’t limit it to the couch, sometimes we immediately throw on our sneakers and get out with the dog (weather permitting) on a walk around Lakewood or we run amok around the grocery store and connect as we’re picking up groceries for the week (Aldis for the win!!). I bet your little one loved your little lunch ‘venture 🙂 Some of my favorite memories from my childhood are those simple moments when my mom would deviate from a normal plan. It made things feel special, like she planned something special just for us kids. Love this post and love you!!!! Keep them coming – these little posts totally make my day!!


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