You’re in school for 20 years of your life rolling deep in a network of support and structure. Then, you are set free on your own to adult in this huge-big-wide world. So, I thought I would share some stories, thoughts, and help start discussions about some of the craziness that ensues during everyday life as an “adult.”

I married my law school sweetheart in October 2013. Since then, we’ve had two fun-loving little girl nuggets that have filled us with joy. We’ve moved to my home state, taken Bar exams, changed jobs and careers, and enjoy the magical mess of everyday life.

As a law student, I thought for sure I would become a family law practitioner. However, that all changed when I was at the University of Dayton and I had the privilege of a graduate assistantship in Residence Life and Housing. After graduating from UDSL, I worked in Higher Education Administration at the University at Buffalo. I loved every aspect of my job, and worked with some amazing student and colleagues. Then, my husband got a new job as a prosecutor in Ohio. So, I went from administrator to CEO of our home. It’s been quite an adjustment being a stay-at-home mom, but I enjoy every minute with my little munchkins. I also have some side projects; coaching high school girls’ cross-country, coupled with legal writing and research, and a side of volunteering.  Not to mention, I spend time creating soundtracks to my life composed of an array of tunes to fit a variety of moods.

Who knows where life will lead? But right now I am enjoying this amazing journey and taking every opportunity I can to appreciate these moments. Thank you for reading my posts and please feel free to engage in the discussions by commenting on my posts.

Ultimately, I’m an average Jo who wants to live an extraordinary life.



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